Comment 2 for bug 135752

I checked this with hardy, no different: Installed with Internet connection not enabled.

1. After booting to the installed system, Internet connection enabled, Language Selector lists "English" as the only possible language in the upper part of the windows, and selected. However, "Finnish" (suomi) is selected as the default language in the bottom part of the window, but the program does not have a choice to actually download support for the default language.

2. After manually refreshing software sources in Update Manager (something that will be eventually done automatically too, in case Internet connection is enabled), the language list is complete but the tool does still not suggest enabling support for the language that is selected as the "default". One must manually scroll the language list and select the language support for there.

So, one issue is suggesting the downloading of language support for the default language, and another issue is how to handle the case where software sources have not yet been refreshed.

I used 20080419 daily-live which has language-selector 0.3.4 that should have some new note about this issue, but I didn't notice any notice during installation or after booting into the new system (there might have been one during installation since I didn't pay attention, if it disappeared before the end's reboot suggestion dialog is showed).