language-pack-kde-en packages break KDE for canadian english users

Bug #195647 reported by David Bobb
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language-pack-kde-en (Ubuntu)
Ubuntu language pack builders

Bug Description

Binary package hint: language-pack-kde-en

The language related updates "language-pack-kde-en, and "language-pack-kde-en-base" released on 2008-February-25 are causing problems for KDE users who are using the EN_CA locale. The problems are as follows:

- Error message as follows:
"kdecore (KLocale): WARNING: Definition of PluralForm is none of NoPlural/TwoForms/French/OneTwoRest/Russian/Polish/ Slovenian/Lithuanian/Czech/Slovak/Arabic/Balcan/Ma cedonian/Gaeilge/Maltese: Definition of PluralForm - to be set by the translator of kdelibs.po"

- General system instability after upgrade

- Upon system restart, complete inability to log into KDE (screen goes to 'starting services', then the X server is restarted and user is taken back to KDM)

- Inability to launch KDE/QT applications from other desktop environments

These packages were sitting in the "gutsy-proposed" repository for several weeks now. I'm suprised the bug wasnt caught before it went mainstream.

For reference:

David Bobb (zeroangel)
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Jeremy Wilkins (wjeremy) wrote :

It's broken for me too with the very same problem. The only resolution for the one machine was to remove the language packs entirely, since after they released it I could no longer force the reinstall of the old packages.

I am certain this is a dangerous way to leave KDE.

David Bobb (zeroangel)
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description: updated
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Tom Cloyd (tomcloyd) wrote :

Have had the same problem (I'm located in Bellingham, Washington, USA). Removing the lang. pack update fixed the problem. The effect is serious: boot looped at "initializing system services". This is receiving considerable mention in the Gutsy forum.

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andre (andrejurt) wrote :

Same here. Had to remove the language pack update.

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Ralph (ralph-puncher-deactivatedaccount) wrote :

Same problem here. Used a partimage backup to restore system to previous image - safer than trying to use apt-get to remove the update.

David Bobb (zeroangel)
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Alex Perry (perry-alex) wrote :

My Kubuntu system is affected, too. Adept updater indicated 4 new packages this morning. After update was complete, a new Konqueror session wouldn't load. I restarted X, and wouldn't let me past KDM.

Originally, I changed the LANG variable. I have since reversed the update by using "sudo aptitude install language-pack-kde-en=1:7.10+20071012"

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Thomas Sperre (thcsp) wrote :

Hi, I am not using the EN_CA locale. Yet I did experience similar problems as described here (gradual slowdown of system --> complete system lockup, unable to log in to KDE session (I am using Kubuntu 7.10 64 bit).

The problem was resolved by sudo apt-get remove language-pack-kde-en

I suggest that the bug is not specific to locale EN_CA locale, but may be general to all users OR there are other problems related to same package that affect users that does not use EN_CA locale.

My locale information:

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Dennis100 (dchristm) wrote :

Hi, I'm actually using the EN_CA locale:

I experienced the looping login issue and I thought that it was fixed by the following

sudo apt-get remove language-pack-kde-en language-pack-kde-en-base

Further inspection showed that I had begun having bizarre problems with XMMS and Kopete so I installed the language pack that just happened to be dated on my birthday!

sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-en=1:7.10+20071012 language-pack-kde-en-base=1:7.10+20071012

I'm now back to having a very stable Kubuntu system and couldn't be happier.

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morikaweb (ombraweb) wrote :

Its broken for me too. After installing the updates the login screen was stuck in an endless loop, un-installing the language-pack-kde-en package fixed the problem.

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