sort -u erase some utf8 characters

Bug #821951 reported by An Yang on 2011-08-06
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langpack-locales (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

sort -u will erase some utf8 characters.

see attachment for detail data.
sort -u x.sorted.utf8 > x.sorted.uniq.utf8
diff x.sorted.uniq.utf8 x.sorted.utf8 > x.diff

An Yang (euroford) wrote :
An Yang (euroford) wrote :

my result of sort -u x.sorted.utf8 > x.sorted.uniq.utf8

I do this in lucid and natty, got the same problem.

An Yang (euroford) wrote :

my x.diff file, sort -u erase 686 chinese characters.

An Yang (euroford) wrote :

My locale is:


An Yang (euroford) wrote :

If I set LANG to en_US.utf8, sort -u erase 2716 chinese characters.
See attachment please.

An Yang (euroford) wrote :

The reason is eglibc/glibc just supports CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH (<U4E00>- <U9FA5>) defined in iso10646:1993.
EGlibc/glibc lack support of CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH A/B/C/D defined in iso10646:2011.

An Yang (euroford) wrote :

Sorry, lost a word.
EGlibc/glibc lack support of CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH EXTENSION A/B/C/D defined in iso10646:2011.
CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH EXTENSION A is included in GB18030:2005, and GB18030:2005 is the China locale standard.

affects: coreutils (Ubuntu) → eglibc (Ubuntu)
Changed in eglibc (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
An Yang (euroford) wrote :

All of the lost 686 Chinese characters locate in CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH EXTENSION A block.


Refer to glibc/localedata/locales/zh_CN and iso14651_t1_pinyin or
iso14651_t1, glibc just support unicode3.0.

The new version of unicode is 6.0, it extend CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH with
extension A/B/C/D, and extension A is included in GB18030:2005( China
locale charset standard).

So at least, glibc should sort all Chinese characters in CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH and EXTENSIONA(U+3400-U+4DBF).

The real effect is sort -u.
If you execute sort -u examples_CJK_extensionA.txt (see attachment), you
will got only one Chinese character "㑗".

An Yang

Created attachment 5880
example characters in CJK extension A.

Changed in eglibc:
importance: Unknown → Critical
status: Unknown → Confirmed

I'm not sure, this bugs has any relationship with charmaps, maybe or may not.
But the value of LC_COLLATE in zh_CN is:

% ISO 14651 collation sequence
copy "iso14651_t1_pinyin"

I'm sure, something is wrong in this table.

All the erased Chinese characters do not a record in iso14651_t1_pinyin, but they are included in CJK unified Ideographs/ExtA/B/C/D.

An Yang (euroford) wrote :

Something is wrong in iso14651_t1_pinyin and iso14651_t1

affects: eglibc (Ubuntu) → langpack-locales (Ubuntu)
An Yang (euroford) wrote :

This patch can fix this bug, when sort -u was executed in any LANG except for zh_CN.

There are 25496 Chinese characters in iso14651_t1_pinyin, most of them distribute over CJK unified ideographs and CJK unified ideographs extension A.

But there are 27552 Chinese characters in CJK unified ideographs and extension A, more than 2000 Chinese characters without pinyin were losted.

So my suggestion is just add the losted characters at the end of the iso14651_t1_pinyin, in the order of unicode.

Could you give me any feedback?

Martin Pitt (pitti) on 2011-11-16
Changed in langpack-locales (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → High
status: Confirmed → Triaged

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