Comment 1 for bug 115470

Richard Johnson (nixternal) wrote :

I can follow you on #1. The desktop files used for those applications are provided via KDE I believe, but w/o further checking of each package, I can't be 100% positive.

#2, Where is a Settings menu located? I don't have one with Feisty. I do believe the "Settings" menu did appear during the Feisty development cycle because I remember HPLIP in there I think.

#3, I would agree that System Menu would be confusing, however just under the title is a fairly large description of what it is.

#4, this will stay, this is the Kubuntu main settings panel. It will get better as time goes on, actually, I wonder what it will be like for KDE 4.

#1 is the only one I can agree on, the other 3 may be a mixture of having some left over remnants during the development cycle or may be considered a wishlist type feature as well.

So because of all that, I will keep this as a wishlist report for future development talks. Thanks.