Activity log for bug #868406

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-10-05 14:39:32 Jonathan Riddell bug added bug
2011-10-05 14:40:54 Jonathan Riddell nominated for series Ubuntu Oneiric
2011-10-05 14:40:54 Jonathan Riddell bug task added kubuntu-docs (Ubuntu Oneiric)
2011-10-05 14:41:56 Jonathan Riddell bug added subscriber Ubuntu Stable Release Updates Team
2011-10-05 14:43:48 Jonathan Riddell description Add translations for kubuntu-docs 11.10 Add translations for kubuntu-docs 11.10 [Impact] docs useless to non-English speakers [Development Fix] 11.10ubuntu2 add the translations [Stable Fix] .xml files added, Makefile modified to install them [Test Case] install package, change language to non-English, read doc [Regression Potential] minimal although CD size for any updates CDs will be larger
2011-10-05 15:53:47 Launchpad Janitor kubuntu-docs (Ubuntu Oneiric): status New Fix Released
2011-10-05 16:10:39 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/oneiric-updates/kubuntu-docs