Firefox open / save dialog is a pain for kde users

Bug #43238 reported by Robert on 2006-05-06
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Bug Description

When clicking on a link to a download in firefox the default dialog doesn't use any of the file associations I painstakingly configured in KDE. It usually offers to open it with a gnome app or something stupid like 'less'!

One possible solution would be to write a firefox extension to over ride this dialog with a new one which calls "kfmclient exec $tempfile". This would launch KDE's default app or bring up the usual 'Open with...' dialog. It could come in a package firefox-kubuntu-support (cf. firefox-gnome-support).

It would be really nice if it would also overide the File->Open File... and File->Save Page As... dialogs too so that we can use the default kde file dialogs.

Ideally it would also detect if kde currently running and disable itself if its not. This would make for a much more consistent experience on mixed kde / gnome systems.

Just dreaming...

Robert (ubuntu-10-rmn30) wrote :

I've assigned to me since I'll work on this if I get a chance, but currently I'm a bit busy with final exmas so won't be for a while. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Changed in firefox:
assignee: nobody → ubuntu-10-rmn30
Robert (ubuntu-10-rmn30) wrote :

Created specification page here:

Needs to be fleshed out.

Michael Blakeley (mike+ubuntu) wrote :

This might help with the open-save dialogs:

Robert (ubuntu-10-rmn30) wrote :

Great, thanks! I still think it would be nice to have this as a package -- once I've finished exams...

Andrew Ash (ash211) wrote :

I would love to see this get fleshed out into a package for KDE users!
The relevant posts from the link are

Open/Save file dialogs:

KDE print dialog:

I think this would really be beneficial to KDE users.

Adding "FILEPICKER_CONTRACTID" to /usr/lib/firefox/components/nsFilePicker.js as described in is quite some pain, since it has to be done every time Firefox gets updated.

The preferable solution would be to supply a Firefox-KDE-integration-package as supposed, or at least putting nsFilePicker.js under /etc/firefox/, so that user-made changes won't get wasted after each update.

Btw, in Firefox 1.0.x one could "dpkg-reconfigure firefox" to manually update the Firefox Chrome Registry to enable changes made in nsFilePicker.js, which unfortunately doesn't work for Firefox 1.5.x anymore :-(

Anything said applies to Thunderbird also (except for different directories of course).

The proper way to do that is through about:config not by editing any file, as described here:

Yet, that is the native XUL filedialog of Firefox, nothing to do with the powerful file dialog of KDE.

Hi Robert,

are you working on this? What is your plan?

For Dapper, there was a spec about Gnome/Firefox integration [1]. It seems they fixed most of the issues. However, since I am using KDE, I still get "less" as the first option to open text files (sigh). I haven't found a work-around for this issue in particular.


Maybe the Kubuntu Team should be added to this bug report?

MaV (maciej-trebacz) wrote :

Any chances that this will be done for Edgy or Edgy+1 ?

Robert (ubuntu-10-rmn30) wrote :

Hi guys,

Sorry but I got rather distracted over the summer and haven't looked at it yet. I believe Edgy has been frozen which means any work would have to go into Edgy+1. I'm now working full time and not sure whether I will find the time to work on it. If anyone else is willing to take over there would be a much better chance of seeing this completed!



Luka Renko (lure) wrote :

I have put spec page to wiki:

Please feel free to contribute your problems, ideas, solutions. I hope we will have enough interest at UDS MtView to discuss and define roadmap for Feisty.

John Vivirito (gnomefreak) wrote :

Changed to kubuntu-meta. I beleive that this is what the kubuntu-firefox-intergration is supposed to fix in feisty. But either way i think this is more of a kde issue than firefox.

unassigning robert, as he doesnt seem to be working on this.

presumably this is a k-d-s change. There are various packages that already do this, I think.

Changed in kubuntu-meta:
assignee: ubuntu-10-rmn30 → nobody

Since Firefox 2.0, adding "ui.allow_platform_file_picker" set to "false" in "about:config", provides a file saving dialog that should be more convenient for KDE users. AFAIK, adding "FILEPICKER_CONTRACTID" to /usr/lib/firefox/components/nsFilePicker.js doesn't work anymore.

Changed in kubuntu-default-settings:
status: Unconfirmed → Confirmed
Luka Renko (lure) wrote :

ui.allow_platform_file_picker set to false is really much better! It provides firefox dialog (much more similar to kde) instead of gnome/gtk one.

I think we should look into additing this to k-d-s for gutsy - if not possible, we may consider other options (firefox-themes-kubuntu or firefox-kde package)

James (chiisu81) wrote :

Subscribing as I'd love to see better Firefox integration with KDE/QT

Slammer (slammer-o2) wrote :

Subscribing as well.
I was surprised to find the Gnome-centrism of Firefox which advertises as open and standard compliant.
IMHO it is a big drawback in achieving the goal of taking the significant cut of the market share.

^rooker (rooker) wrote :

Subscribing, because integration of firefox (and thunderbird) in KDE still needs a lot of manual interaction in Hardy.
Here's the current situation on a fresh Kubuntu Hardy install:

- The following actions open a plain file open dialog instead of having (a) reasonable KDE defaults, or (b) offer KDE's application chooser (which presents apps in the start menu)

1) new file associations
2) clicking on a "mailto:" link
3) Choose "open containing folder" in FF's download window

This is quite ugly, because most users have no idea which executable to point firefox to (and I also have to open a commandline and do a "which xxx" everytime)

Harald Sitter (apachelogger) wrote :

Bouncing back to firefox source package. It's not Kubuntu's mission to make firefox cross-desktop using bloody hacks and workarounds.

Alexander Sack (asac) wrote :

there surely is a bug in about better kde integration (file dialog). Who finds the bug first?

Changed in firefox-3.0:
status: Confirmed → Triaged
Alexander Sack (asac) wrote :

i took the fileticker sub-bug from the META kde integration bug you provided. Its wont fixed for now. But most likely we can resurrect that once firefox supports QT ... which might happen in 3.1. when that happens remember us to reconsider this. thanks.

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Looks like suse is working on this:

Felix Geyer (debfx) on 2009-10-29
affects: firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu) → firefox-3.5 (Ubuntu)

If you're running karmic you can install the suse one via ppa sources. Working great for me.

Just make sure to install kmozillahelper too

Kevin Funk (kfunk) wrote :

#27 works great. Any chance for this getting into main repository?

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