Fix For the bootup splash on Gutsy.

Bug #156225 reported by Angelus on 2007-10-23
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kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu)
Richard Johnson

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Binary package hint: kubuntu-artwork-usplash

This is a FIX not a bug repport. this fix is for all those who have the anoying stupid monitor turning off instead of the bootup splash screen or getting and blankscreen, and the next thing they see is the login screen.
SO YEAH , i FIXED i, hearz da fix ;)

if you are getting a blank screen or you're monitor turns off instead of the bootup splash, the fix is to download a kernel from or "sudo apt-get install linux-source" and configure it with "make menuconfig" go to device drivers, graphics , and you have an option to enable VESA (it's under VGA 16 something). then compile you're kernel using make-kpkg which you can get by "sudo apt-get install kernel-package. so after making menuconfig, and have configured the kernel , in the top source directory do this after installing kernel-package:

"make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot --initrd --append-to-version=-some-string-here kernel-image kernel-headers"

replace -some-string-here with anything you like, like my-custom-kernel. that command should compile you're kernel and create a .deb pkg for the kernel and for the headers. then go to /usr/src (if that is the directory where you extract you're kernel) and you will have the 2 .deb packages. install them. the installer should install you the new kernel and the new kernel headers. it will also configure you're bootloader.
REBOOT and see how it goes. you should get a splashscreen now, if no splash screen make "vga=792" to the bootloader's kernel line. if it works, you can remove kubuntu's default kernel from adept/synaptics and keep the kernel you compiled.
(this was somehow stupid from the developers to disable the vesafb by default, because kubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-desktop by default gives you the boot-up splash, and boot-up splash doesn't work without vesafb)


jaycole (jasin-stny) wrote :

Is there some way to make this a step - by - step. procedure?

Or should I just wait until they release a fix through the update manager?

Angelus (l337angelus) wrote :

jaycole, there's this guide on kubuntu/ubuntu wiki how to compile a custom kernel. thats the link. i had a mistake up there when i said the ubuntu team din't include the vesafb module, it did, infact thats the problem , they compiled it as a module. so be aware that when you compile you're custom kernel you don't compile vesafb as a module, compile it built-in into the kernel. so make sure to select with Y instead of M in other words. then you can do "sudo apt-get install startupmanager" which is a program to help you set up you're bootup options. you should get a bootup splash that way, peace ;)

Max (maxcantor) wrote :

I had the exact same problem, but the advice in the following thread fixed it for me:

To summarize:

 - Edit /etc/usplash.conf and make sure its resolution matches your monitor's recommended resolution.
 - Run `sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup` and leave every option at the default EXCEPT VGA vs. Fixed Terminal Font, for which you should select VGA, then Size 8.

Richard Johnson (nixternal) wrote :

Please use for documenting procedures such as this, or even One thing to mention is it is not a good idea to tell people to download a kernel or to configure their kernel as it poses many problems, especially for new users. If this does indeed fix a problem that is out there, I would urge you to file a report concerning the issue, and if the issue is kernel related, I would file it against the kernel. Thanks though for the information, but I think it would be best on the community wiki listed previously.

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Angelus (l337angelus) wrote :

MR Richard of my................ before you talk, read everything. i must remind you that i posted a better solution before you opened your mouth with a link to a guide how to fix it without modifing the kernel.... and why the hell did you asighn the bug to yourself without even informing me and mark it as an invalid bug? please... learn to read.

Richard Johnson (nixternal) wrote :

Oh well, I opened my mouth, marked this invalid, read it, read it again, it is not a bug, doesn't belong on LP, move it to the wiki, thank you, and learn to be a tad bit more respectful in the future.

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