kompozer keeps crashing

Bug #365163 reported by don hardaway on 2009-04-22
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kompozer (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Everytime I open kompozer and try to edit a web page and change the font it immediately crashes. I have the latest Jaunty and am using Xubuntu.

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Savvas Radevic (medigeek) wrote :

Can you run kompozer from terminal and provide more info about the crash? Thank you!

don hardaway (don-hardaway) wrote :

Yes, If you tell me what command to use in the terminal and how to capture the info you want.

Uriel Griffin (ugriffin) wrote :

I also experience this problem, but I run Kubuntu Jaunty. Here's the terminal output: Segmentation fault

That's all it gave me.

Felix (apoapo) wrote :

"Segmentation fault"

when rightclicking a table in "normal" tab.

Kubuntu Jaunty

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (6.5 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package kompozer - 1:0.8~alpha3+dfsg+svn152-1

kompozer (1:0.8~alpha3+dfsg+svn152-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * [23957fd] Imported Upstream version 0.8~alpha3+dfsg+svn152
    - Now the help menu works.(Closes: #525891)
  * [eee96d0] Updated files in debian/conf/ needed by clean target
  * [de5e181] 01_add_lfontocnfig.patch, 02_fix_overflow.patch,
    03_add_lfontconfig.patch, 04_fix_path.patch,
    05_remove_nonfree.patch, 06_syspref_folder_support.patch,
    07_cairo_xlib.patch, 08_security.patch,
    09_add_missing_tab_indentation.patch, 90_CVE-2009-1044.patch, are
    now in upstream, deleted.
  * [2609c1e] debian/patches/01_r153.patch: Fixed a chrome registration
    problem related to the "help" window.

kompozer (1:0.8~alpha2+dfsg+svn129-3) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * [92f61aa] debian/patches/19_gcc4.4.patch: Fix FTBFS with GCC 4.4.
    (no longer allows #elif without an expression) (Closes: #526161)
  * [6c824b4] debian/patches/90_CVE-2009-1044.patch: Fix Arbitrary code
    execution via XUL tree element (CVE-2009-1044)
  * [27275e6] debian/patches/90_CVE-2009-1311.patch: Fix POST data sent
    to wrong site when saving web page with embedded frame (CVE-2009-1311)
    (MFSA 2009-21)
  * [3b1eb19] debian/patches/90_CVE-2009-0776.patch: Updated fix for
    CVE-2009-0776, previous fix was incomplete. (MFSA 2009-09)
  * [8feadce] debian/patches/20_mips64_build.patch: Patch from Martin
    Michlmayr for mips64 builds. bz#330626
    debian/patches/21_mips_xpcom.patch: Patch from Thiemo Seufer to fix
    mips. bz#258429
    debian/patches/22_mips_performance.patch: Patch from Thiemo Seufer to
    increase stability and performance on mips.
  * [e7add6a] debian/rules: Fix get-orig-source target for working also
    with epoch in version

kompozer (1:0.8~alpha2+dfsg+svn129-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * [5577bd3] Build with "-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -g", hopefully it
    fixes FTBFS in s390
  * [ebcecc1] debian/kompozer.desktop: Added Network in Categories
  * [32daadd] debian/patches/13_kbsd.patch: GNU/kFreeBSD support.
  * [db6d79f] debian/patches/14_distclean.patch: Make distclean cleaner.
  * [dd57bbd] debian/patches/15_system_libs.patch: Make sure we won't be
    bitten by upstream changing libjpeg, libpng or zlib internal
    version, which makes system library not used even though --with-
    system-* argument is given to configure.
  * [a59f082] debian/patches/16_uname.patch: Use ${host_*} variables
    instead of uname in configure.in. This is a minimalist patch to
    solve the particular bad assembler choice issue. It would need a
    much greater work to actually do something totally clean, but the
    current patch should be enough for Linux builds. Also incorporates
    fix for bz#363263.
  * [c39c0c3] debian/patches/17_locale.patch: use OS locale. bz#331779
  * [f62a517] Refreshed debian/patches/99_configure.patch
  * [c2aec04] debian/patches/18_crmf.patch: Put the crmf library before
    the NSS libraries.

kompozer (1:0.8~alpha2+dfsg+svn129-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream svn version. This fixes a lot of Ubuntu bugs:
    (LP: #347779) (LP: #26002...


Changed in kompozer (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
Orionds (shamrock-d) wrote :

I use Hot Potatoes to generate html pages of cloze exercises that contain javascript. I edit the html pages in Kompozer to add links or embedded videos. There was no problem with Kompozer 0.710.

With 0.8 alpha, after editing and saving, when I click the "check" or "hint" button I get a popup with a "back" button rather than the usual "ok" button. Also, the popup refuses to close or go away. 0.710 does not have this problem.

I cannot use 0.710 in Ubuntu because of the crashing. Of course, I can use 0.710 with Wine but I would prefer not to. Any help or suggestions? Or, a fix for 0.8 alpha?

Thanks in advance.

Kazé (kaze) wrote :

Orionds > your bug report is not enough.

Please send an attachment with a sample file, as well as a step-by-step procedure to reproduce the bug, if you want me to work on it.

Orionds (shamrock-d) wrote :

I was actually referring to a bug in 0.8a4. I should not have put the comment here. However, I will send a more detailed step-by-step description with sample files in the near future. Thanks.

Orionds (shamrock-d) wrote :

Kazé suggested a "workaround". For the moment, I need only rename the htm or html file to one with an xhtml extension and Firefox comes up with the normal "ok" popup. Many thanks.

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