locking audio - error writing to kino/mjpeg audio filter

Bug #240156 reported by idokibovito on 2008-06-15
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kino (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: kino

Both on Feisty and Hardy (2 different computers), when kino starts to export the movie, I am getting "Locking audio (XX %)".
The percentage goes up to 100% and the a popup comes up saying "error writing to kino/mjpeg audio filter".

I was trying to google the problem but didn't get far. I do have mjpegtools installed, which seemed to be the problem for some.
My thought is that pulseaudio is causing the problem (yet again), and "default" is not a valid term in the audio preferences of kino.

It workes however on 2 other machines running edgy and feisty, which I unfortunately don't have access to very much.

Somebody please advise.
Thanks in advance

idokibovito (idokibovito) wrote :

On one of my machines, I somehow managed not to get the error message "error writing to kino/mjpeg audio filter". However it still takes a long time until "locking audio" goes away, but then the conversion is started and seems to work nicely.
I still experience something strange on this machine: if I have "enable audio" in preferences checked in, the playback is sped up. Could it be caused by the same thing?

My other machine still has the error message. I have no idea why the one started working. Not installed any extra packages in the meantime.

Daniel Stiner (danstiner) wrote :

Unsure if this is exactly the same issue, but today when trying to do some renders, I mis-typed the render path, and received an error saying "Error writing to KINO/MJPEG audio filter - aborting." I can reproduce this at any time on Intrepid Ibex by typing in an invalid render path, i.e. parent directory does not really exist.

Are you sure it was a real directory your were rendering to, and that you had write permissions on the directory?

If this is a problem with non-writable render paths, it seems like the error message is just a little vague and could use some updating.

idokibovito (idokibovito) wrote :

I would think the path was ok. After that 10 minute penality, the render will start anyway :)

Daniel Stiner (danstiner) wrote :

Sorry amnesia, I guess I got confused which machine you were talking about and went off on a tangent.

An interesting comment about the locking "penality" was found here (http://www.kinodv.org/dcforum/dcforum?az=show_topic&forum=101&topic_id=3341&mesg_id=3341):

Locking audio is a step that determines a slight variation to the output sample rate in order to correct a/v sync problems that can occur when editing NTSC or DV clips with unlocked audio.

I think there is a way to disable it from within Kino, but it seems to be a safe thing to just leave on.

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