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Bug #1298959 reported by Chuck Short on 2014-03-28
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keystone (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

7a1c13a Enable lazy translations in httpd/keystone.py
8a22fcd Avoid using .values() on the indexed columns
3bd3134 Imported Translations from Transifex
17e77f9 revert deprecation of v2 API
d352bb4 exclude disabled services from the catalog
f8bf760 refactor AuthCatalog tests
39345cc Rename keystone.tests.fixtures
7a760ca Change the default version discovery URLs
dfbc8a3 Remove extra cache layer debugging
4eff83e Updated from global requirements
3d2a715 Fix doc build errors with SQLAlchemy 0.9
7a9bd0e Sync oslo-incubator db.sqlalchemy b9e2499
75d03a5 Create TMPDIR for tests recursively
45cb6ea Always include 'enabled' field in service response
ce0429e test tcp_keepidle only if it's available on the current platform
983d8aa Add dedicated URL for issuing unscoped federation tokens.
b304238 Filter SAML2 assertion parameters with certain prefix.
be995bc Add support for parallel testr workers in Keystone
a96d872 is_revoked check all viable subtrees
1632e0f update sample conf
1e8ac8d explicitly import gettext function
2943e6b expires_at should be in a tuple not turned into one
60e88a0 Comparisons should account for instantaneous test execution
ea55f46 Uses generator expressions instead of filter
9c15b73 Ability to turn off ldap referral chasing
9508bba Add user_id when calling populate_roles_for_groups
a680f43 Store groups ids objects list in the OS-FEDERATION object.
31c2634 Make domain_id immutable by default
319ebe1 Do not expose internal data on UnexpectedError
672ca17 Use oslo db.sqlalchemy.session.EngineFacade.from_config
5f3fcf1 Uses explicit imports for _
a711076 Rename scope_to_bad_project() to test_scope_to_bad_project().
c726163 Make LIVE Tests configurable with ENV
5fa1191 Filter out nonstring environment variables before rules mapping.
a2fa6a6 Provide option to make domain_id immutable
5bd4c29 Replace httplib.HTTPSConnection in ec2_token
be9d13f Move test .conf files to keystone/tests/config_files
fa807ae Removal of test .conf files
7c9746c Don't automatically enable revocation events.
f5f42ed Ensure v3policysample correctly limits domain_admin access
d75c707 Sync db, db.sqlalchemy from oslo-incubator 0a3436f
f4901ea Do not use keystone.conf.sample in tests
aa89e07 Filter LDAP dumb member when listing role assignments
f3555c6 Updated from global requirements
ee72c90 Remove unnecessary oauth1.Manager constructions
cbb9e9a Enforce groups presence for federated authn
8dcb3f7 Update sample config
8a9e2b4 Very minor cleanup to default_fixtures
9ca5b1f Cleanup keystoneclient tests
f654b19 Cleanup fixture data added to test instances
fa76029 Cleans up test data from limit tests
6af88c2 Cleanup of instance attrs in core tests
5978e7a Cleanup backends after each test
f4f25f6 Fixup region description uniqueness
cbc14f3 Add missing documentation for enabling oauth1 auth plugin
989dd71 Add missing documentation for enabling federation auth plugin
dba8c81 Use class attribute to represent 'user' and 'group'
764d22a Configurable temporary directory for tests
3035a6b Call an existing method in sync cache for revoke events
6390906 Remove unnecessary calls to self.config()
cb8d648 remove hardcoded SQL queries in tests
fbfd4e8 Fix db_version failed with wrong arguments
f01c2c4 Use config fixture
23b8592 Fix docstrings in federation related modules
8f7b87b Sync db, db.sqlalchemy, gettextutils from oslo-incubator 6ba44fd
bc9de4a V3 xml responses should use v3 namespace.
0aff9ff trust creation allowed with empty roles list
115bfec Fix include only enabled endpoints in catalog
46070a6 Add unit tests for disabled endpoints in catalog
baf5524 Update ADMIN_TOKEN description in docs
01a538e Mark revoke as experimental
f7b7f30 Import order is fixed
1ba6c53 Remove unused function from tests
96c978e Add OS-OAUTH1 to consumers links section
b1e5be1 Don't need session.flush in context managed by session
caf996f Imported Translations from Transifex
b5ab8fe allow create credential with the system admin token
ed635f9 Always include 'enabled' field in endpoint response
81c49af Add the last of the outstanding helpstrings to config
11da8de Remove vim headers
f356607 Removes use of timeutils.set_time_override
ae34f84 Update curl api example to specify tenant
24bbb05 Update Oslo wiki link in README
f9e98e5 Lazy gettextutils behavior
69c347c Update Oslo wiki link in README
19c5c3c Removes a redundant test
a6840be revocation_list only call isotime on datetime objects
aabf0b5 v3 endpoint create should require url
29d9c27 Handle exception messages with six.text_type
7d3583a Fix webob.exc.HTTPForbidden parameter miss

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package keystone - 1:2014.1~rc1-0ubuntu1

keystone (1:2014.1~rc1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

  [ James Page ]
  * d/p/*: Refreshed
  * d/p/revoke-api.patch: Dropped, not needed for master branch.
  * d/control: Add python-kombu and python-lockfile to BD's and dependencies
    for python-keystone (LP: #1292478).

  [ Chuck Short ]
  * New upstream release. (LP: #1298959)
  * d/p/ubuntu-oslo.sphinx.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
  * debian/control: Use python-oslosphinx.
  * d/patches/add-version-info.patch: Re-enabled.
  * d/keystone.logrotate: Use copytruncate instead of restart. (LP: #1297705)
 -- Chuck Short <email address hidden> Fri, 28 Mar 2014 07:38:36 -0400

Changed in keystone (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
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