Comment 47 for bug 828731

On Fri, Mar 02, 2012 at 10:36:10AM -0000, Louis Bouchard wrote:
> The reason why it fails on Lucid is that those line are placed BEFORE
> the $rootmnt gets mounted as opposed to AFTER the mount for the other
> distro.

Aha, right - so these lines should be moved, rather than dropped.

> What I have done is to have the kdump.initramfs for Lucid be identical
> to the ones of the other versions (merely move those lines near the
> end), recreated the debdiff and rebuilt a test package with it. It now
> works correctly on Lucid too. But I'm questioning the validity of those
> steps : shouldn't we just provide 1:2.0.1-2 on Lucid just like for
> maverick and Natty ?

That depends on what else has changed in the meantime and whether all the
changes are suitable to include in an SRU.

> If not, then I have the debdiff ready for upload so a respin of the
> lucid-proposed can be done.

Easiest would be to make the one change to move the check below the mount.

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