Comment 2 for bug 1828597

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2019-05-10 13:25 EDT-------
Right, Cascardo.

nr_cpus=1 for KDump case has never worked before on ppc64. Mahesh
tried fixing it but the maintainer had a few apprensions and rightly so.
This fix doesn't work in all cases. Say, KVM host (baremetal with SMT off)..

So, to start with, "nr_cpus=1" as default parameter instead of "maxcpus=1"
for KDump kernel on ppc64, even with the kernel fix from Mahes was not a
good idea, as it was not something that works always...

IMHO, with no alternate and foolproof way to fix this in discussion yet, we can
save the "nr_cpus=1" option as default for another day and stick with
"maxcpus=1" for now. That was the intention behind this bug..