Comment 18 for bug 312569

Liviu Beraru (beraru-liviu) wrote :

Kubuntu Lucid Beta 1, last updates, as of April, 7 2010, running on a Lenovo S12 and Toshiba Satellite L40.
If I click on "Set date and time automatically" I am prompted for password which I enter and then I get the message: "Unable to contact time server:"
Runing sudo ntpdate -u works so there is no problem with the ntp client or the server.

Also, running Lucid Beta somehow slows down the clock on the Lenovo machine so that after just one hour of uptime the system clock runs half an hour after. If I boot XP and just let it run, the system clock is correct even after 2 hours of running. I experience the same runnig the live cd.