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Luka Renko (lure) wrote :

Troy, Luis, Sebastian: I am in contact with upstream authors and they are trying to nail down this regression.

Since this report was done first on enterprise version 20070907, we would like to be sure if any previous version of enterprise kdepim has actually work for you. This is particularly interesting for Troy, as you have reported this regression first. For reference, you can see complete list of kdepim version in gutsy here:

Upstream would also like you to check your $HOME/.kde/share/config/kmailrc file:
- is there "TheIMAPResourceAccount" entry?
- if yes, does any of your [Account X] Id fields matches the above?

For more info, I am including IRC discussion with upstream:
 [13:49] <tokoe> Lure: the only commit which could affect the groupware functionality prevents a crash on a buggy setup
[13:50] <tokoe> Lure: could you ask the bug reporters whether they have an entry TheIMAPResourceAccount entry in their $HOME/.kde/share/config/kmailrc ?
[13:51] <Lure> Will add this to bug report. anything else to check?
[13:52] <tokoe> Lure: and whether there exists an group [Account X] which has an entry Id=Y where X is an abritary number and Y the same value as TheIMAPResourceAccount has
[13:53] <tokoe> Lure: in other words: there must be an account with the same id as given in TheIMAPResourceAccount
[13:54] <tokoe> Lure: if TheIMAPResourceAccount is empty or 0, the groupware functionality is disabled
[13:54] <tokoe> Lure: in the previous versions, kmail just crashed in this case ;)
[13:55] <Lure> tokoe: so how they can re-enable if they need?
[13:55] <tokoe> Lure: that constallation only appears if you have removed an imap account manually which was marked as a groupware account
[13:56] <tokoe> Lure: they just have to set TheIMAPResourceAccount entry to the same id as the id entry of the [Account X] group, which is marked as the groupware resource
[13:57] <tokoe> Lure: but that's only my assumption...
[13:57] <tokoe> Lure: let's see what the reporters will say about their kmailrc