Region capture mode leaves artifacts

Bug #108673 reported by Matt Sicker on 2007-04-21
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kdegraphics (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: ksnapshot

Press "Prt Sc" button (or just launch ksnapshot), choose "Region" mode for the "Capture mode". Then click and drag the selection over any region of your screen; doing this on a white background will demonstrate the problem best. Notice the grey (might be a different colour dependent on your X11 cursor theme) artifacts that follow the path of your cursor as you expand the region. When you save the image, these artifacts are saved along with it.

I'll attach an example image of the artifact in question.

Using ksnapshot 0.7 in Feisty (latest).

Matt Sicker (jvz) wrote :

Here's an example of the artifacts. Notice how they also appear around the border for some reason as well.

Matt Sicker (jvz) wrote :

I need help to confirm this bug.

Some info about my xorg setup:
Intel 915GMA
Xorg 1:7.2-0ubuntu11
Composite extension is enabled, but using kwin (4:3.5.6-0ubuntu20) for window manager

I will try disabling AIGLX to see if I can still reproduce the bug.

Matt Sicker (jvz) wrote :

OK, I just tried this on my other computer. The bug still exists, so here's the relevant info:
NVIDIA Geforce 5900 (NV35) using official NVIDIA drivers, version 1.0-9755
Xorg same version
Composite disabled (i.e., not mentioned in xorg.conf at all)

This eliminates the problem down to either Xorg 7.2 or ksnapshot itself. This problem _may_ not exist in Edgy, so it seems quite probable that the issue was introduced with Xorg 7.2.

I can confirm this bug in Gutsy, the weirdest thing is that you don't get these "artifacts" if you click and drag the selection to the topside (right and left) of your mouse or in the downside (left) of your mouse. In fact you get these artifacts only if click and drag the selection to the right downside.

Grasyop (grasyop) wrote :

I also confirm the bug in Gutsy, with KSnapShot 0.7.
My hardware identifier : 317acd9700a2efadfc7cc4129bf03c41

I told about it in KDE Bug Tracking System, and they answered: "This seems to be a driver issue, report it to the ubuntu guys as there's nothing I can do about it. It isn't a bug in ksnapshot."


I can also confirm this problem on my kubuntu gutsy installation

lspci output
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)

xorg 7.2-5ubuntu13

There isn't any use of 3d window manager (compiz, etc.)

Marco Cimmino (cimmo) wrote :

same here, I have this bug since Feisty and now in Gutsy, not in Edgy iirc

yes the bug is only when you drag from upper left corner to bottom right corner, in the other three cases then only one pixel in the final corner is added, that probably is another bug?

Marco Cimmino (cimmo) wrote :

sorry the added pixel is in the initial corner, not in the final, attach screenshot.

I have an nvidia geforce 7900 gs with nvidia driver 100.14.19

Marco Cimmino (cimmo) wrote :

artifacts with ksnapshot under Gutsy

works now in hardy alpha 5 kde 3.5.9

Romain Despland ha scritto:
> works now in hardy alpha 5 kde 3.5.9

still broken in hardy alpha 5, you have to move mouse from upper left to
trigger the bug ;)

Sorry I tried it on the default wallpaper and didn't pay enough attention, I just tried it on another background and this time I can see it clearly....

Marco Cimmino (cimmo) wrote :

this update seems related...

kde-style-polyester (1.0.1-1ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low

  * Added kubuntu_01_ksnapshot_region_fix.diff to fix the ugliness created
    when trying to grab a snapshot of a region (LP: #149124)
  * Updated Maintainer field for the time being until we can sync from Debian
    again in the future

 -- <email address hidden> (Richard A. Johnson) Fri, 29 Feb 2008 02:08:44 -0600

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