Comment 5 for bug 66232

John (john.e) wrote :

Still the same, but I have to add a few things :

1-Since then I can't shutdown the computer, it halts but does not poweroff, and with upstart I have no verbose to why is that, so I cannot say. It can also reboot fine ..

2- it seems the process that I always have now (at least one) kio_http_cache_ is started by kdeinit. Maybe that can help somewhere. I guess (but I may be wrong) that it has something to do with kde services, I've tried to stop them all, I'll try later not to start them all and to reboot as I can't kill this process, maybe stopping them is not enough ...

This is really annoying (the system is slower and it cannot shutdown).

I'll try to investigate more, but in the mean time if you have some idea, I'll be glad to try them.