Comment 87 for bug 280997

Updated my Kubuntu Intrepid KDE installation today to 4.2 (final).

Last time I tried KDE 4.2RC2 with the fixes my BT device manager crashed when I tried to pair my Netbook using a BT dongle with my BT Stowaway keyboard. After that the device manager could not be restarted but immediately crashed as described in previous comments on this bug.

After upgrading to 4.2 final and not changing anything else KDE's BT device manager properly starts without crashing. Pairing works, albeit is a little bit tricky -- but this is more a Stowaway keyboard issue.

Pairing with a mobile phone Samsung E900 also worked. However, while I can send files to my mobile, the other way round does not work. Trying to send a file from the mobile to my Netbook results after a few seconds in a "service not supported" error message on my mobile.

Removing the USB BT dongle crashes the device manager.