Comment 42 for bug 280997

On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 13:00:01 -0000 Niels Ganser <email address hidden> wrote:
>frapell: It's great that you want to assist in fixing this! You will
>probably have more success offering your help in
> though, as this essentially
>is a KDE bug. In Tom
>references the repository experimental code can be found in that has
>already partially been ported.

This is the right place.

>It would also help if every one of us voted an the KDE bug so that it
>gets fixed in the 4.2 release.

It almost certainly won't be in 4.2, since it's a release candidate right
now. I don't know if KDE treats this as a feature or a bug, so 4.2.1/2
might be a possibility if it's a bug or 4.3 if it's a feature.

We plan to release Jaunty with 4.2.2. If the code gets finished, but is in
4.3, we'll look into backporting it into our 4.2 packages.

>SRELysian: I guess this bug doesn't really move forward simply because
>no (K)Ubuntu developer is personally affected. Don't get me wrong, I am
>as frustrated about this as you are but after all, all our days only
>have 24 hours so I'm not sure it makes sense to be angry at the
>developers (be it (K)Ubuntu or KDE).

I can assure you that Kubuntu developers are affected by this.

>Clearly, this issue sneaked in shortly before the final move to KDE 4
>and once it came up, the transition was already too far progressed to
>stop it with the release coming too soon to fix it in time. So now we're
>just stuck with it. Hopefully only until KDE 4.2 though :)

The old bluez was seriously broken for a lot of use cases with the Intrepid
kernel. This is why the late transition was done.

Everyone: The bug tracker is not a forum. Please limit your comments to
new information that helps move this towards resolution.