Comment 2 for bug 280997

I spoke with the upstream developer, and at this point he does not have the
time to put towards porting to 4.x. I've started to do the port myself, but
the changes are quite large and i'm very familiar with the coding style.
You can see where they're at from revisions 10+ at this br branch:

In the event that I don't have the port ready in time, I think using
bluez-gnome w/ KDE is a fine solution.

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 06:24, Niels Ganser <email address hidden> wrote:

> I don't mean to "litter" this bug report but isn't bluez 4.x completely
> unsupported by kdebase-workspace upstream? If so, is somebody working
> together with upstream developers on getting this done until Intrepid
> release? I don't think Kubuntu 8.10 should ship without apparent
> bluetooth support so a compromise might be to let Kubuntu install bluez-
> gnome until native support is there..
> --
> solid-bluetooth needs update for bluez 4.x
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Mario Limonciello
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