Comment 7 for bug 848132

Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) wrote :

I do not run KDE and the HPLIP file does not work in Gnome either ! . . And that means I will not up grade if no one wants to fix the error in the HPLIP code that come out with 11.10 and 12.04 plus 12.10 . . And I use Gnome . . Because If I up grade to any of the versions past 11.04 My printer scanner and copier WILL NOT talk to the computer . . And I need them to work as I use them every day like today the printer will be busy making print out of a PDF file to take to a meeting . . Seems the HPLIP file is missing about 700 or more HP Printers ! . . As it stops at HP 1300 and begins again at HP 2000 . . My printer is inbetween those two numbers and I would guess a gob of other people are in the same boat ! . . Temporary ? it started in 11.10 and continued in 12.04 and still is there in 12.10 if the new version is out every 6 months, that is what 1 1/2 years . .
I went through CUPS 1.6 and sure enough MY printer is one of a gob that is not there and I added a report about it months ago . . If the printer is not there it is a mess and guessing which printer to buy . . Naw I will stay here at 11.04 . . I have had 12.10 on this laptop 2 times now and same thing Printer is not there or disconnected . . that is what it says in the printer area