Comment 23 for bug 366398

Hi all,
I just wanted to share a GUI-based work-around that solved the problem for me and I haven't seen it before in the forums.

1) Create a new entry for Dolphin on KDE Menu editor (you can copy-paste the normal one and label the new one as "Dolphin (SU)" or something similar).
2) Clic on it and, on the "Advanced" tab, select "Run as a different user --> root"

When runing it, you'll most likely get the same problem that has been repported here. The trick is in the following steps.
1) Left-clic on any folder --> properties
2) On the "General" tab, clic the small "key" right from "Type - folder".
3) A new window pops-up, where you can read "Application Preference Order". Just clic on "Add" and enter the "Dolphin (SU)" you've created previously.

Hope that does it for you.

PS: There is a chance that "Dolphin (SU)" may be added directly to the top of that list, which may be an inconvenient if you have any desktop shortcuts to folders. Just play with the "preference order" as you wish, as long as the "Dolphin (SU)" application is on the list it should work.