Comment 34 for bug 289592

Dean Montgomery (dmonty) wrote :

In package shared-mime-info there is update-mime-database.c and around line 51 there is a hard-programmed list of mime types used to flag invalid MIME types

/* This is the list of directories to scan when finding old type files to
 * delete. It is also used to warn about invalid MIME types.
const char *media_types[] = {

in the get_type function around line 261 the program scans the hard-coded list of mime types or it returns the error that everyone is complaining about.

  for (i = 0; i < G_N_ELEMENTS(media_types); i++)
    if (strcmp(media_types[i], type->media) == 0)
      return type;

  g_warning("Unknown media type in type '%s'", name);

Dean M.