Comment 2 for bug 1281036

Simon Rettberg (simon-rettberg) wrote :

Sure it's compiled with consolekit support enabled and thus depends on it, but the question would be why. CK development has long been stopped in favour of systemd's logind. Other distros have ditched CK long ago. Ubuntu was holding on to CK for a while as they didn't want to switch to systemd, but finally included logind in Ubuntu in 13.10 and got rid of CK for their Unity session, also lightdm doesn't depend on CK anymore. Nothing in the default Ubuntu setup needs CK anymore.
Now if I simply want to switch to kdm instead of lightdm, keeping everything else as it is, suddenly I have consolekit running on my system, serving absolutely no purpose. Except for kdm insisting to talk to it when I login in. Which might make kdm happy, but doesn't do anything besides that.
So why isn't CK support disabled in kdm?