Comment 44 for bug 1509562

miasma (miasma) wrote :

I had installed Ubuntu Studio 16.04.3 recently after using an upgraded 16.04.2 on the same computer. I had previously installed a full KDE desktop on top of Ubuntu Studio 16.04.2 and had the same problem reported here, but I was able to get the icons to show by using the /etc/environment XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP="KDE" workaround. After some unrelated issues with full KDE on 16.04.2 I decided to go back to square one and install Ubuntu Studio 16.04.3 from a downloaded ISO. I decided not to install the full KDE desktop but to only install the KDE apps I like to use, Konsole, Konqueror, Dolphin and a few others.

Everything works except most of my favorite KDE apps are not displaying any icons. Konqeror seems to be only missing icons on the splash page at start up but displays toolbar, side panel and folder icons using what appears to be Breeze icons. Kate displays icons in the side bars but not the toolbar. Dolphin displays no icons at all except a single icon in the info panel that represents the currently selected item. Also of note is Dolphin displaying icons of folders that contain one or more images. These icons also look like they are Breeze icons with up to 4 tiny thumbnails of the images in the folder.

Since in 16.04.2 I was able to restore views of icons with the /etc/environment workaround it was the first thing I tried, but though it worked before it failed to work in my new 16.04.3 desktop where I did not install the full KDE Desktop. I did extensive research, installed all the recommended files, edited configuration files, and none of the workarounds found here or any other sites have given me a fix or a good workaround.

If anyone is interested in more detail of my situation, upon request I will make more information available.