Comment 28 for bug 1509562

jvh (xtrajoris) wrote :

so the current workaround is:
* install libqt5libqgtk2
* install systemsettings
* install kde-config-gtk-style
*... And then do what Trogel #16 wrote:

** Xfce Settings >> Appearance >> Icons -> "elementary Xfce darker"
(That's what I want to have, wherever possible.)

** Xfce Settings >> KDE System Settings >> Icons >> Icons >> Theme -> "Oxygen"
(It seems that e.g. Konqueror still uses this setting. If an icon is missing, it seems to fall back to "Breeze" (hard-coded?). Setting this option to some "elementary Xfce" theme results in a mix of elementary and Breeze icons when Konqueror is used as file manager. For instance, the view mode icons in the toolbar are Breeze-like. This looks surprising. Therefore I prefer to see Konqueror fully in Oxygen. I wonder whether this setting becomes irrelevant for Konqueror, once that application is also migrated to Qt5's QIcon::fromTheme(...).)

** Xfce Settings >> KDE System Settings >> Application Style >> GNOME Application Style (GTK)
- Icon theme -> "elementary Xfce darker"
- Fallback theme -> "Oxygen"
(This fallback seems to be used by Kate for the search and replace icons. I wonder if they are possibly missing in the "elementary Xfce" theme.)