[FFE] Latest juju snapshot enables maas provider

Bug #962507 reported by Clint Byrum
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juju (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

The MaaS provider has been added and tests as working in upstream juju. Without this provider, users of the distro version of juju will not be able to use juju with MaaS.

Also, there have been a number of important bug fixes, one very important one is to allow nodes to be rebooted without losing connection to juju.

Here is the full upstream changelog:
504: <email address hidden> 2012-03-28 [trivial] change store url to correct location
503: <email address hidden> 2012-03-27 [merge] merge scheduler-peek-list
502: Jim Baker 2012-03-27 Reversed inadvertent commit in r501
501: Jim Baker 2012-03-27 [merge] Implements relation ident support.
500: <email address hidden> 2012-03-27 [merge] merge force-upgrade [r=bcsaller]
499: William Reade 2012-03-27 [merge] merge get-machines-bug [r=fwereade][f=965101][a=allenap]
498: William Reade 2012-03-27 [merge] merge maas-endpoint-url-with-resource-uris [r=fwereade][f=965138][a=allenap]
497: Clint Byrum 2012-03-26 [merge] [r=hazmat][f=965507] Using updated cloud-images query url with HTTPS
496: <email address hidden> 2012-03-26 [merge] merge status-changes simplify status output and support services with multiple relations under the same nam...
495: <email address hidden> 2012-03-26 [merge] merge repository-broken-charms repository.find should never break on charm error [r=fwereade]
494: <email address hidden> 2012-03-22 [trivial] remove setuptools dependencies, switch charm store back to domain, sans default-series use precise
493: <email address hidden> 2012-03-22 [trivial] full test suite update for cs url, update all references to use a constant in repository mod
492: <email address hidden> 2012-03-22 [trivial] update store unit test to point to temporary elastic ip
491: <email address hidden> 2012-03-22 remove ability to spec charm store url via env variable per request.
490: <email address hidden> 2012-03-22 [trivial] point juju to the charm store url [r=jimbaker,fwereade]
489: William Reade 2012-03-22 [merge] bzr merge maas-to-maas [a=allenap][r=hazmat]
488: William Reade 2012-03-22 [merge] merge use-maas-uris [a=allenap][r=fwereade][f=959334]
487: William Reade 2012-03-22 [merge] merge maas-get-nodes-fix [a=julian-edwards][r=fwereade][f=956697]
486: <email address hidden> 2012-03-20 [merge] merge setuppy-fixes from paul [a=][r=hazmat,clint]
485: <email address hidden> 2012-03-18 [trivial] hook exit and test teardown one liner fixes [r=bcsaller]
484: Kapil Thangavelu 2012-03-17 [merge] Various fixes around hook execution and scheduling.
483: Jim Baker 2012-03-16 [merge] merge robust-test-removed-service-unit [r=hazmat][f=829829]
482: Jim Baker 2012-03-16 [merge] merge refactor-machine-agent [r=bcsaller,hazmat][f=925211]
481: William Reade 2012-03-15 [merge] merge fix-maas-config-serialization [f=955677][r=fwereade]
480: William Reade 2012-03-15 [merge] merge apply-machine-constraints [f=907019][r=jimbaker,hazmat]
479: Clint Byrum 2012-03-14 [trivial] Fix type-o in online help for remove-relation (thanks Steve Yen)
478: Clint Byrum 2012-03-09 [merge] merge repo-from-env [r=hazmat][f=939932]
477: William Reade 2012-03-09 [merge] merge set-service-constraints [r=hazmat,bcsaller][f=907016]
476: <email address hidden> 2012-03-07 [merge] merge env-from-env. the juju environment that the cli acts upon can now b...
475: <email address hidden> 2012-03-07 [merge] merge deploy-upgrade. juju deploy now takes an --upgrade flag that will a...
474: Clint Byrum 2012-03-07 [trivial] Fixing maas tests to run without ~/.ssh/id_rsa.*
473: <email address hidden> 2012-03-07 [merge] merge bool-and-validate-defaults. New boolean service config option, serv...
472: <email address hidden> 2012-03-07 [merge] merge upgrade-sym-link, remove previous symlink targets before extracting...
471: <email address hidden> 2012-03-07 [merge] merge add-maas-provider. New juju machine provider for MaaS [a=allenap,ju...
470: William Reade 2012-03-06 [merge] merge constraint-types [r=jimbaker,hazmat][f=904201]
469: Benjamin Saller 2012-03-02 [merge] Merge implicit relations [f=940498] [r=jimbaker]
468: Benjamin Saller 2012-03-02 [merge] Merge Charm metadata support for subordinates [r=kapil] [f=940492]
467: William Reade 2012-02-22 [merge] merge lp:fwereade/juju/placement-spec [r=hazmat,bcsaller][f=900186]
466: William Reade 2012-02-22 [merge] merge restore-unit-relation-nodes [r=hazmat,jimbaker][f=925567]
465: <email address hidden> 2012-02-21 [merge] merge symlink-guard verify that charm symlinks don't extend outside of th...
464: Clint Byrum 2012-02-21 Use cloud-init declarative package install method rather than apt-get -y install, which leads to fai...
463: William Reade 2012-02-21 [merge] merge watch-related-units-callbacks [r=hazmat,jimbaker][f=900104]
462: William Reade 2012-02-21 [merge] merge resolve-unit-relation-diffs [r=jimbaker,hazmat][f=773600]
461: William Reade 2012-02-21 [merge] merge agent-trash-old-sessions [r=bcsaller,hazmat][f=898082]
460: William Reade 2012-02-21 [merge] merge upstartify-agents [r=hazmat,jimbaker][f=770482]
459: William Reade 2012-02-21 [merge] merge add-upstart-class [r=jimbaker,hazmat][f=903213]
458: William Reade 2012-02-21 [merge] merge fix-charm-upgrade [r=hazmat,jimbaker][f=903018]

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Revision history for this message
Dave Walker (davewalker) wrote :

Thanks for providing the differences and answering my questions on IRC. fix-charm-upgrade concerned me slightly, but seems to be an important fix (bug 903018). Having known that the PPA has been in use by many.. The quality of testing has been good.

Please upload, FFE ack.


Changed in juju (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
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Clint Byrum (clint-fewbar) wrote :

FYI, there was some last minute thrashing that resulted in FTBFS for all revs prior to 494. I'm doing some more testing and then will upload after that.

Revision history for this message
Clint Byrum (clint-fewbar) wrote :

OK, FTBFS issues are all fixed. Adding new log entries to the description and re-submitting. Also attaching build log for 494.

description: updated
Changed in juju (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → New
James Page (james-page)
Changed in juju (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → High
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Clint Byrum (clint-fewbar) wrote :

I expect more features to land after r504 that will need an additional FFE granted, for the "constraints" work which enables sane MaaS integration, and for the subordinate charms work which will allow charms to be split into their constituent parts and deployed together inside one machine/container.

But this FFE only involves bringing juju in precise up to a level where it is compatible with the PPA, because the current one is completely incompatible with the PPA version, which may cause issues. If for some reason the other work slips too far to land in the precise release, this revision will at least provide users with the reboot and basic maas provider functionality.

description: updated
Revision history for this message
Dave Walker (davewalker) wrote :

Having tested the PPA version extensively this last week, in relation to what this bug is addressing; I am happy for an upload which closely resembles what has been in the PPA to be uploaded. Thanks.

FFe ACK, please upload.


Changed in juju (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
Revision history for this message
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package juju - 0.5+bzr504-0ubuntu1

juju (0.5+bzr504-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream snapshot (LP: #962507 LP: #953258 LP: #965507).
  * d/control: Depend and Build-Depend on python-oauth for MaaS.
  * d/control: Drop dummy ensemble package and make breaks/replaces
    broader to force removal of any ensemble package. (LP: #954492)
  * d/control: Move lxc, libvirt-bin, and zookeeper to Suggests to
    reduce the amount of packages installed on every node unecessarily
    and also avoid conflicting when deploying into a libvirt-bin
    default network VM (LP: #962389)
  * d/rules: skip test suite when nocheck is set.
  * d/rules: remove redundant dh_clean call
  * d/juju.install: remove usr, with only one binary package this is
    not necessary anymore and causes dh_install to fail because no
    files are installed to debian/tmp anymore.
  * d/rules,d/control,d/manpages,d/juju.manpages: Generate basic
    manpage from online help. (LP: #966611)
  * d/patches/no-write-sample-on-help.patch: Added so --help can be
    safely run without a writable home dir on buildds. (LP: #957682)
 -- Clint Byrum <email address hidden> Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:28:16 -0700

Changed in juju (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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