Comment 36 for bug 1267393

From Gustavo:

"Just a couple of points that might be useful to add:

> If we do this with golang-gc (gccgo would follow established update procedures),
> then right away if there is a security update or SRU in golang-foo-dev, we can
> do 'reverse-depends -b golang-foo-dev' to see what needs no change rebuilds.

As an obvious point yet perhaps worth raising, a bug in a library doesn't necessarily mean everything has to be rebuilt."

Right, I tried to mention this when I said "but long term, perhaps we could figure out how to declare what changed in the update and have the no change auto builds mechanism detect what needs to be built based on that". I was trying to convey that even in the very nearest of short term, we can just rebuild everything, and we can figure out how to be smarter as we go.