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Bug #334853 reported by Daniel Holbach
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jokosher (Ubuntu)
Daniel Holbach

Bug Description

Binary package hint: jokosher

We need to consider jokosher 0.11 for Jaunty release.

Bugs that were targetted for 0.11: https://launchpad.net/jokosher/+milestone/0.11

bzr Changelog:
 1073 Mike Sheldon 2009-02-19
      * Fix creation of new configuration when there isn't an old configuration to copy

 1072 Laszlo Pandy 2009-02-18 [merge]
      This is the official 0.11 release revision. Merged from laszlok main branch.

 1071 Laszlo Pandy 2009-02-18 [merge]
      Merge from laszlok main branch.
      * Remove green colours from waveform, time signature and tempo.
      * Merge pecisk's patch to handle null device from PulseAudio.
      * Add Change Sound System button to aid the user in the recording inputs dialog.

 1070 Laszlo Pandy 2009-02-18 [merge]
      Merge from laszlok main branch.
      One fix to set a string in the glade file as translatable.
      Merge translations from launchpad.
      Create a script to automate PO file merging.

 1069 Laszlo Pandy 2009-02-18 [merge]
      Merge from Elleo's menu reorder branch.
      The stock items were removed because they did not contain elipses (...), which are used to
      indicate that the menu item will open another dialog. Stock New doesn't have an elipsis
      because most apps don't have a new dialog, but stock Save As should.

 1068 Mike Sheldon 2009-02-18 [merge]
      Merge Laszlo's changes to (summarised):
       * Add version information to the config file
       * Add support for incremental saving of changes
       * Remove old crash protection code
       * Use new incremental save system for crash protection.

 1067 Mike Sheldon 2009-02-15 [merge]
      Merge Laszlo's changes to:

       * Create a new MessageArea widget, a python port of gedit's message area error system.
       * Create a ui module, placing MessageArea and EventLaneHSeparator inside
       * Remove old error dialogs, replace with GEdit style message pane.
       * Make multiple error panes fold into two, with a "show all" button.
       * Add new ui module to the setup script
       * Add a suggestion to report a bug in the second error pane.

 1066 Mike Sheldon 2009-02-15 [merge]
      Merge patch from laszlo to:
       * Use STATE_PAUSED when detecting audio device. PulseAudio will give None otherwise.

 1065 Mike Sheldon 2009-02-15 [merge]
      Merge Laszlo's changes to:
       * Connect src to fakesink when detecting available channels to force caps negotiation.
       * Set the state to NULL and then READY before querying the device name.
       * Use XDG for handling config location
       * addEventFromEvent wasn't returning an Event (fixed).
       * Make a * appear in the window name when non-undoable changes are performed on a project.
       * Add a project properties dialog to edit the name, author and notes. Notes are stored in the project file.
       * Make the EventLaneHSeparator update when the project view changes by scrolling.

 1064 Mike Sheldon 2009-01-23 [merge]
      Merge Laszlo's patches to:

       * Remove hard coding of .jokosher directory everywhere, replaced with JOKOSHER_DATA_HOME set in Globals (soon to be set by XDG)
       * Use the GNOME default as the default recording device
       * Remove out-dated AudioInputsError
       * Use grab_add to redirect events to instrument name entry boxes and use the user clicking outside the widget to see when they've stopped editing.
       * Fix problems with signal propagation preventing dragging working during a grab

 1063 Mike Sheldon 2009-01-18 [merge]
      * Merge Laszlo's changes to:
        * Move the zoom buttons to bottom right
        * Create custom HSeparator
        * Use HSeparators to make layout clearer
        * Fix the drawing of the timeline cursor
        * Tidy up unused code
        * Make FLAC the default audio format
        * Fix handling of event durations to cope with gstreamer functions returning -1 values
        * Set the properties on gnonlin objects when updating the duration so the file will play for the correct duration. (Fixes bug #272943)

 1062 Laszlo Pandy 2008-12-16 [merge]
      Merge elleo's crash protection changes to use timeout_add_seconds.

 1061 Laszlo Pandy 2008-12-10
      Change print "..." to print("..."), and change all instances of items() and keys() to
      iteritems() and iterkeys(). This simplifies Python 3.0 compatibility.

 1060 Laszlo Pandy 2008-12-10 [merge]
      Merge and fix broken main branch.

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Revision history for this message
Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

I have a Debian package ready. Need some more input from Laszlo.

Changed in jokosher:
assignee: nobody → dholbach
status: New → In Progress
description: updated
Revision history for this message
Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

 Jokosher/AddInstrumentDialog.py | 2
 Jokosher/AlsaDevices.py | 158 ----
 Jokosher/AudioBackend.py | 216 ++++++
 Jokosher/CrashProtectionDialog.py | 160 ----
 Jokosher/EffectPresets.py | 4
 Jokosher/Event.py | 9
 Jokosher/EventLaneViewer.py | 27
 Jokosher/EventViewer.py | 16
 Jokosher/Extension.py | 14
 Jokosher/ExtensionManager.py | 2
 Jokosher/Globals.py | 238 ++++--
 Jokosher/IncrementalSave.py | 328 +++++++++
 Jokosher/Instrument.py | 78 +-
 Jokosher/InstrumentConnectionsDialog.py | 133 ++-
 Jokosher/InstrumentViewer.py | 84 +-
 Jokosher/Jokosher | 2
 Jokosher/Jokosher.glade | 1149 ++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 Jokosher/JokosherApp.py | 267 ++-----
 Jokosher/MixdownProfileDialog.py | 4
 Jokosher/MixdownProfiles.py | 2
 Jokosher/MixerStrip.py | 5
 Jokosher/NewProjectDialog.py | 8
 Jokosher/PreferencesDialog.py | 139 ++-
 Jokosher/Project.py | 442 ++++++++----
 Jokosher/ProjectManager.py | 48 -
 Jokosher/ProjectTemplate.py | 4
 Jokosher/ProjectTemplateDialog.py | 2
 Jokosher/RecordingView.py | 241 +++++-
 Jokosher/TimeLine.py | 16
 Jokosher/TimeLineBar.py | 162 +---
 Jokosher/TransportManager.py | 39 +
 Jokosher/UndoSystem.py | 16
 Jokosher/Utils.py | 32
 Jokosher/VUWidget.py | 1
 Jokosher/ui/EventLaneHSeparator.py | 50 +
 Jokosher/ui/MessageArea.py | 188 +++++
 README | 39 -
 bin/jokosher | 2
 debian/changelog | 10
 debian/control | 7
 debian/copyright | 2
 debian/watch | 2
 setup.py | 8
 44 files changed, 2897 insertions(+), 1461 deletions(-)

Revision history for this message
Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

While this is not a strict bugfix-only release, it's going to fix a lot of current issues.

Laszlo Pandy and the jokosher team are going to track issues that might come up until Jaunty release.

Revision history for this message
Daniel Holbach (dholbach) wrote :

It builds and installs fine.

Revision history for this message
StefanPotyra (sistpoty) wrote :

(back to new, as we use confirmed to denote FFe granted)
no rdepends, jaunty supported upstream wise -> ACK #1 from me.

Changed in jokosher:
status: In Progress → New
Revision history for this message
Laszlo Pandy (laszlok) wrote :

As mentioned by Daniel we will be on top of any reported issues. FYI there is another bug-fix only release (0.11.1) scheduled for March 14th (before beta freeze) which will include fixes for any bugs found in this package.

Revision history for this message
Iulian Udrea (iulian) wrote :

Acknowledged and accepted.

Changed in jokosher:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
status: New → Confirmed
Revision history for this message
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package jokosher - 0.11-0ubuntu1

jokosher (0.11-0ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. (LP: #334853)
  * debian/control:
    - bumped gstreamer0.10-plugins-good requirement to 0.10.9.
    - move Homepage to own section, bump Standards-Version.
  * debian/copyright: updated.
  * debian/watch: added.

 -- Daniel Holbach <email address hidden> Thu, 26 Feb 2009 12:49:51 +0100

Changed in jokosher:
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
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