Comment 4 for bug 729185

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

I added a bunch of test cases, restructured the code a bit, and now switched the implementation to use pycurl instead of jockey's urllib2 handler. I didn't see a way to make this work properly with HTTPS proxies, but with pycurl it works just fine:

$ http_proxy="http://localhost:3128/" https_proxy="https://localhost:3128/" python -c 'import jockey.detection; from jockey.oslib import OSLib; OSLib.inst = OSLib(); print jockey.detection.OpenPrintingDriverDB._check_get_fingerprint("")'
E522 0FB7 014D 0FBD A50D FC2B E5E8 6C00 8AA6 5D56

Squid log confirms that the request was proxied and reached the right destination:

1299594547.873 1444 TCP_MISS/200 4340 CONNECT - DIRECT/ -

I'll upload this in a bit. I'd appreciate if you could test this again once it's in Natty, to confirm that it also really works in your setup. Thanks!