Comment 11 for bug 1286779

Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) wrote :

Hi all :)

For those wondering, a bug is considered fixed in Ubuntu once a fix for it is available in the current development release. However, if the bug is considered import (such as I believe in this case) it is possible to request a Stable Release Upgrade, see for details.

I have therefore prepared and attached a debdiff which should fix the issue for 14.04, assuming it passes review.

Some details on the debdiff:
I looked at for the changes which occured in version 6.1.26-2 of jetty which fixed the issue. These were the revisions 18019, 18020 and 18027. As we see from the changelog, this also includes the former Ubuntu-patch which was upstream (with added support for openjdk-8). I didn't not include this patch, because the majority of it is already in the existing package and I wanted to keep the SRU patch as minimal as possible. If it makes more sense or is easier to include all of 6.1.26-2, this can of course be done. In essence, I have included the changes in r18019 and r18020 which changes the dependencies from tomcat6 to tomcat7 which should resolve this issue.

If anyone have any details to add to the SRU request, feel free to add it. We need to say something about the regression potential for this to be accepted, and I don't really know how to assess this. I hope someone can outline this. We are switching the dependencies from one version of tomcat to a different one, and while it should be ok, we need to make sure no regressions are introduced because of this.