Comment 10 for bug 827463

> New problem
> task 3) the /usr/share/jenkins/jankins.war from the jenkins package contains its own copy of xstream-debian.jar in WEB-INF/lib/xstream-debian.jar that needs to get updated for xstream to pass the runtime check.
> It would be good if Jenkins could use the system installed /usr/share/java/jenkins-xstream-1.3.1-hudson-8.jar .
> Right now Jenkins are only using its own local xstream copy that only gets updated at build time

Hi Xerces

Aware of this issue but no good way to work around the fact that java web applications bundle all dependencies at the moment - effectively static linking

I need to resolve a minor issue with the upstart script which will require a rebuild - but need xstream winstone and jcaptcha proposed branches to land first.

I'll push an updated version to an arm enabled ppa in the next few hours.