Comment 45 for bug 1441487

Erich Schubert (erich) wrote :

Note that the bug description, and the changelog entry are MISLEADING.

jayatana BREAKS unrelated applications.

It's not just an irritating error message that is not supported by some shell scripts, but jayatana is causing NullPointerExceptions all over the place in unrelated programs, and even causing SIGSEGV as you can see above!

It is NOT just the hotspot output that is causing problems. jayatana is a really really BROKEN approach, and in my opinion is is so badly broken that it cannot even be fixed properly (because of threading issues - to get this kind of menus, you need to have dbus integrated; which means you need another thread that must be properly synchronized with Java - including whatever other hacks Java programs such as NetBeans, Eclipse etc. may do... - unless you write a non-JNI dbus API for Java this is bound to cause trouble, big time. Launching threads from JNI is pretty much never a good idea, even less when the Java application doesn't even know about this thread...)