Comment 11 for bug 438637

Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote :

11:51 < highvoltage> bdmurray: ok, I'll do so the next time I test an iso, I'll
                     get that fixed before alpha3 as well by just not starting
                     italc anymore on login
11:53 < bdmurray> highvoltage: is not starting it a fix?
12:04 < highvoltage> bdmurray: it works on the installed system, we discussed it
                     in edubuntu before and the result was that it wasn't that
                     useful in a live system, it also takes quite a bit of RAM so
                     we don't want to start it by default on a live system
                     anyway. it works once installed though. I'll look at what is
                     needed to fix it, it would probably be nice to have it
                     startable on live media fwiw