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Bug #1543799: isc-dhcp-server & isc-dhcp-server6 systemd service units use the same RuntimeDirectory leading to loss of pid files High Triaged 196 weeks

From: Jason Penney
Link: isc-dhcp-server6.service.patch

corrected patch to use separate RuntimeDirectory

Bug #1704174: update apparmor rules to include wicd's dhclient.conf file Undecided Confirmed 223 weeks

From: Tiago Stürmer Daitx
Link: sbin.dhclient-wicd.patch


Bug #1664352: dhclient-script doesn't use configured metric for rfc3442 classless routes Undecided Confirmed 244 weeks

From: Tom Carroll
Link: dhclient-rfc3442-ifmetric.patch

Support IF_METRIC for rfc 3442 routes

Bug #1446103: upstart vs sysV init script pid-file-name conflict Undecided New 339 weeks

From: Ralf Heiringhoff
Link: isc-dhcp-server.upstart.patch

disable sysV if upstart is used

Bug #1371833: dhclient is unable to parse zero-length option values (breaks DHCPv6) Undecided Confirmed 370 weeks

From: pdf
Link: 0022-Parse-zero-length-option-values-successfully.patch

Patch from Fedora tracker

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