Comment 5 for bug 1760264

I have a Dell XPS 13 9343 and I already had the same error when I installed the (now withdrawn) BIOS Update A14. The notebook was irregularly completely frozen. I could provoke the freeze immediately by changing the WLAN in the network manager of Gnome. During the connection with the new WLAN, the computer is reliably frozen.

This was fixed by downgrading to BIOS Update A13.

I now have the exact same problem with the latest intel-microcode update. The system freezes at the moment a WLAN connection is (re-)established. The workaround here is either to use the previous version of intel-microcode or to deactivate the intel-microcode package.

An update of the kernel to another version had only helped me for a short time. After the second or third reconnect at the latest, the computer has completely hung up again.

I replaced the original XPS 13 Broadcom W-LAN module with the Intel Wireless 8260 module.