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Bug #418242: Incorrect call to output plugins (with persistent error message) on copy Medium Triaged 228 weeks

From: Jerome Robert
Link: inkscape.patch

silent the extensions which are flooding with popups

Bug #1194871: Huge Memory consumption by extension and pipe not closed Undecided Confirmed 253 weeks

From: Jozef Vesely
Link: script.patch


Bug #170049: Inverted ruler co-ordinate system Medium Triaged 304 weeks

From: vaifrax
Link: bugfix170049_partial2.patch

added new files to Makefile_insert for building with autotools

Bug #806024: Pop up dialogues not visible in full screen mode (linux, gnome) Low Triaged 349 weeks

From: Yevgeny Lezhnin
Link: mychanges.patch


Bug #171983: Reduce SVG file size by removing unnecessary attributes Low Triaged 510 weeks

From: Halley
Link: repr-io-smart.patch

preference to force/drop default style="" parts in svg output

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