Comment 0 for bug 933188

Alex Valavanis (valavanisalex) wrote :

New upstream release fixes the following, and many more:

* bug #898538 <inkscape fails to build with glib 2.31>
* bug #496793 <ctrl c ctrl v of text in edit mode crashes inkscape>
* bug #885324 <Completely replace lcms1 by lcms2 in Ubuntu>
* bug #168417 <parameters ending with '\' causes python to bomb>
* bug #668895 <Extensions with <check> tags fail to load>
* bug #788560 <ESC doesn't cancel move when using the Node Tool>
* bug #884368 <unable to edit attributes in Inkscape XML Editor (Ubuntu overlay-scrollbar issues)>
* bug #902054 <Some layers should be visible by default in Layers dialog>
* bug #909958 <Path Effect List is hidden>
* bug #910467 <Input Devices > Hardware > Tree of devices is hidden>
* bug #910479 <Glyphs Font styles are hidden>
* bug #911079 <Error messages from Extensions hidden>
* bug #911123 <Messages dialog doesn't work>

It would be great to get this into Precise. The Debian maintainer hasn't uploaded any updates in the last year, so we should go ahead with the upgrade ourselves rather than waiting for a Debian sync.

I can take a look tomorrow, hopefully, but feel free to go ahead if anyone is particularly keen.