Comment 0 for bug 628048

Binary package hint: inkscape

New upstream release introduces and improves several features. A few bugs are also marked as fixed upstream:
 * bug #401567
 * bug #456248
 * bug #463602

Debian changelog head:

inkscape (0.48.0-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * [cae07a3] New Upstream version 0.48.0
   * [309c498] add patch to fix crash in node tool
   * The highlights of this release are:
       - multipath editing
       - improved text tool: subscript, superscript, numerical input for text kerning, tracking and more
       - new Airbrush tool
       - LaTeX export with PDF/PS/EPS
       - JessyInk extension to create presentations
       - numerous bugfixes
   * [56702cf] don't build-depend on libssl-dev (closes: #573338)
   * [013b235] wrap lines in debian/control. patch by Benjamin Drung,
     many thanks to him (closes: #576357)
   * [747d3d1] add README.source adopted from nagios to make lintian a
     bit happier
   * [4df0df7] Remove all patches since they are applied upstream
 -- Wolfram Quester <email address hidden> Mon, 16 Aug 2010 13:49:28 +0200