Comment 37 for bug 1417470

Max Gaukler (mgmax) wrote :

Hi Andreas, I cannot reproduce your problem with the latest source version:

$ cd build
$ make -j8 && ./bin/inkscape -z -D --file=/home/max/code/inkscape/fixed-bug-1417470/regression/test.svg --export-pdf=test.pdf --export-latex
** (inkscape:20415): WARNING **: PDF+TeX output: Found text inside a clipped/masked group. This is not supported, the Z-order will be incorrect. Blank pages will be added to the PDF output to work around bug #1417470.

** (inkscape:20415): WARNING **: PDF+TeX output: issuing blank PDF page (workaround for previous error)
$ ./bin/inkscape -V

** (process:20430): WARNING **: Units file /usr/local/share/inkscape/ui/units.xml is missing: Failed to open file '/usr/local/share/inkscape/ui/units.xml': No such file or directory

Inkscape 0.92+devel trunk-61-gcd5a5eac59 2017-07-02