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Bug #1957194: resume from hibernation broken when resume image is autodetected another case Undecided Confirmed 88 weeks
Bug #1878378: add_mountroot_fail_hook uses wrong target name Undecided New 175 weeks
Bug #1772094: Surface Pro 4: Keyboard not functional during LUKS password prompt Undecided Confirmed 253 weeks
Bug #1769297: resume from hibernation broken when resume image is autodetected Undecided Confirmed 281 weeks
Bug #1678187: Removing a linux-image-extra package fails, if /boot is about full Undecided Confirmed 310 weeks
Bug #1616262: Unable to update initramfs with small boot partition Undecided Confirmed 369 weeks
Bug #1250109: Please use dpkg-triggers for update-grub when installing or removing kernel packages Wishlist Triaged 406 weeks
Bug #1489979: initiramfs-tools: configure_network retry indefinitely option Wishlist Triaged 421 weeks
Bug #1089038: [PATCH] Add support for booting from subdirectory in root Wishlist Confirmed 562 weeks
Bug #1032326: Cannot boot of relative path of / is not / Medium Confirmed 581 weeks
Bug #983805: Resume boot script fix makes /bin/resume unnecessary (kernel's internal swsusp) Undecided Confirmed 596 weeks
Bug #665785: Support for zram (Linux >2.6.36) and ramzswap(<2.6.35) is missing Undecided Triaged 641 weeks
Bug #366343: in initramfs-tools scripts/init-top/framebuffer: "mode" parameter should be "mode_option" for drivers using modedb Undecided New 752 weeks
Bug #338563: kernel update fails when kernels from other distributions are installed in shared /boot Medium Confirmed 758 weeks
Bug #91867: [PATCH] allow resume from LUKS encrypted swap partition Wishlist Incomplete 862 weeks
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