Comment 27 for bug 226622

Brian Murray wrote:
> I was able to recreate this bug using the test case provided. I then
> tried to verify the fix but failed. I have initramfs-tools
> 0.85eubuntu39.1 installed. I then installed lupin-support version 0.20,
> I choose lupin-support because that was the only lupin-package installed
> on my fresh install of Hardy Heron. I then recreated the problem and
> was again dropped to the busybox shell. I installed lupin-casper, since
> I thought that was what the debdiff modified, version 0.20 and then
> recreated the bug again. However, I was again dropped to a busybox
> shell.

This may be a symptom of my original report that I don't see being
addressed. You end up the the prompt either way, but unless you boot in
"recovery mode" you never see *any* error message, clear or not.

Having said that, I have no idea how to change that behavior. :-(