Comment 358 for bug 129910

pan Proteus (bartjablo) wrote :

I have been using "un-blacklist-workaround" for some time now (both in Gutsy and Hardy) but after 2.6.24-12 kernel was installed, the workaround stopped working.

While booting to 2.6.24-12, system hangs just after usplash has been shown and power-cycling is required. When using nosplash, the system boots, X session is opened, but when I switch to console no text is displayed. I tried to log in and start mc and strange thing: background colors are more or less properly displayed, but not the text. Running setupcon makes the fonts visible, but after switching to another VT and back makes issue come again.

This appears to be somehow related to kernel 2.6.24-12. While I am booting to 2.6.24-11 virtual consoles are working just fine, the same is with usplash.

I first encountered the issue the same day 2.6.24-12 kernel was first released. Since then i updated system frequently

So I see two issues there somehow related to 2.6.24-12 kernel:
1) Usplash hanging boot process.
2) No text displayed on virtual terminals using vesafb driver.

Maybe some vesafb bug was addressed in 2.6.24-12-21; but obviously another issue came out of it... some kind of regression...

The most recent issue was observed after 2.6.24-12 kernel upgrade.
The solution can be found by answering the question:
"WHAT HAS CHANGED BETWEEN 2.6.24-11 and 2.6.24-12?"

Hardy/x86; Nvidia 8600GT (fb:vesafb X:nvidia-glx-new);