Comment 0 for bug 1215911

Moving the discussion from
to launchpad, for I think that this bug needs to be handled in initramfs-tools
package rather than in udev package.


I'm experiencing random boot failures with wait-for-root utility in Ubuntu
12.04 ( ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso ) on a HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server.

For example, wait-for-root waited for only 0.13 seconds before giving up at

  FSTYPE=$(wait-for-root "${ROOT}" ${ROOTDELAY:-30})

line in scripts/local in the initramfs, and immediately enters into

  panic "ALERT! ${ROOT} does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"


This is a race condition and manually entering "exit" from the panic prompt
boots the system normally. This is a critical bug for this environment because
it will randomly fail to perform unattended reboot (e.g. automatic reboot after
saving kdump).


I examined main() in wait-for-root using debug fprintf() and it turned out that
udev_monitor_receive_device() is sometimes immediately returning NULL (although
wait-for-root is using blocking socket).

I examined udev_monitor_receive_device() in using debug fprintf()
and it turned out that recvmsg() in udev_monitor_receive_device() (which is in
libudev-monitor.c in udev package) is returning ENOBUFS error before recvmsg()
returns information of the root partition.

The wait-for-root utility in initramfs-tools package is not expecting recvmsg()
to return ENOBUFS error. But since ENOBUFS is an inevitable error, I think that
wait-for-root (i.e. the caller of udev_monitor_receive_device()) should handle
this error.