Comment 17 for bug 619816

Karl Lattimer (karl-qdh) wrote :

 * Sorry the formatting errors were missed during testing.
 * Dropping the percentage was part of the ui spec provided by mpt.
 * The continuous estimating was an oversight, in that it didn't happen in testing. I can only assume some batteries don't get a time estimation at all.

In order to fix these issues, we should;
 * replace estimating with a percentage remaining, the patch originally did this
 * add a second formatting function which will provide hours/minutes for the settings dialog (regression in the patch) and have a specific function for generating the hh:mm for the indicator.

Multiple batteries were untested but were based on the upstream model so I'm not sure what's wrong there.

Any of the other issues mentioned here aren't related to the indicator & the menu status line being too long.