Comment 20 for bug 1615474

Hi, unfortunately I am not really free today which is a shame because it
would be good to help with this bug. I probably need to go for a factory
reset as this phone is my daily driver and I need to see when I am on
mobile data or wifi. Sorry I can't help via IRC today. I will wait until
tomorrow for the reset to see if Matthew has managed to provide any help
via IRC.

Kind regards,


On Fri, 9 Sep 2016 at 16:56 Antti Kaijanmäki <email address hidden>

> Matthew, Steven:
> Thank you for the information you have provided this far! Unfortunately
> based on the information I have been unable to deduct the cause of the
> problems you are seeing. Would it be possible to have a live IRC debug
> session with either or both of you next week?
> If so, please ping me (Wellark) on Freenode IRC network on Monday to set
> up the session times.
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> Title:
> Network Indicator / Connectivity-API is not accessible
> Status in Canonical System Image:
> Incomplete
> Status in indicator-network package in Ubuntu:
> In Progress
> Bug description:
> Sometime in the last few days my phone lost the ability to connect to
> wifi networks and the network indicator at the top has stopped
> working.
> Currently between "Bluetooth" and "Sound" I have a gear icon and the
> caption "indicator-network". When I select it, the rest of the screen
> is blank. There are no settings available and no way to connect to a
> wifi network.
> On the System Settings app, if I tap on the "Wi-Fi" icon, I can see
> "Previous networks". But below that the page is just white, there is
> no way to select a wifi network.
> Rebooting the phone doesn't seem to fix the problem.
> Given that this is an MX4 and therefore the USB port doesn't work, and
> there's no SD card slot, there's vanishingly few ways to get data in
> and out of this phone now. If there's a solution to the problem, it's
> going to have to involve something other than updating system
> software.
> Current system software is Ubuntu 15.05 (OTA-12).
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