Comment 13 for bug 1192300

Ritesh Khadgaray (khadgaray) wrote :

This is a ubuntu specific bug. This comes from SetXHasMessages property added to accountsservice from 0013-add-has-message-support.patch , used by indicator-message .

The reason being, mismatch of uid between local user and one provided by remote server.

from fn accountsservice : user_set_xhas_messages
+user_set_xhas_messages (User *user,
+ gboolean has_messages,
+ DBusGMethodInvocation *context)
+ gchar *sender;
+ DBusConnection *connection;
+ if (user->uid == uid)
+ action_id = "org.freedesktop.accounts.change-own-user-data";

The workaround I could think of, would be to fix the uid mismatch or revert the merge