Comment 24 for bug 1550210

Ross Gammon (rosco2) wrote :

Hi Robie,

We have now added a desktop file to ubuntustudio-default-settings, so that the issue is no longer a problem for Ubuntu Studio. SO the us-default-settings patches can be ignored. I don't see the problem as important enough to SRU to current releases (as most people use imagemagick from the command line). But it can be frustrating for users to click on a menu item and see that nothing happens in other flavours.

The other imagemagick patches would fix the problem for all flavours, but they are stale now and would need to be rebased on top of the latest released versions. If there was a wish for it, I could do it, but it would have to wait a while as I am quite busy these days. Maybe this was Nish's plan anyway?

The correct thing to do would be to get the right fix upstream in Debian (or even imagemagick). Apparently, the claimed fix in Debian didn't work. I hadn't had time to look into it, but I believe Jeremy did this in the Debian bug recently.