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Bug #1543352: inet6 dhcp doesn't wait for link-local address to leave tentative - dhclient fails to bind High Triaged 53 weeks

From: Amr Ibrahim
Link: ipv6-wait-properly-for-link-local-address-to-go-through-dad.patch


Bug #1144997: Race condition on boot for Wi-Fi interfaces with wpa_supplicant Undecided New 212 weeks

From: vbooh
Link: network-interface.conf.patch


Bug #981461: Network interfaces are not correctly brought down on halt, disrupting Wake-on-LAN High Triaged 248 weeks

From: Unai Uribarri
Link: halt.diff

This patch fixes the handling of NETDOWN variable in /etc/init.d/halt. Since upstart doesn't implement halt -i, do it in the shell script.

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