Comment 64 for bug 1301015

Tyler Bletsch (tyler-bletsch) wrote :

I've been in IT a while, and this bug report is playing out in the standard dysfunctional way:

1. Obvious regression is made.
2. Developer states that the bug is a feature, that his/her way is the Correct Way, and that all other views are wrong or merely opinions.
3. Reams of evidence of material harm are proffered to the contrary.
4. Incredulous users hit by the regression keep piling on until (a) developers simply ignore the bug entirely forever, (b) a developer has public meltdown, (c) a more seasoned developer with the ability to consider diverging views steps in and resolves things.

I think we're all hoping for (c), but honestly, (a) is a vastly more common outcome.

The only thing missing is for someone to post "if you need this so bad, just fork the distro yourself...that's the open source way!", as if someone's going to actually develop "Non-broken-networking-buntu".