Comment 50 for bug 1301015

Robert Taylor (rgtaylor) wrote :

The other serious technical issue is that with "networking restart" no longer supported either an init.d or upstart, there is no way to address automated restarting any of the dependent network services that would normally be restarted as a group (like nfs). Any automated build process is going to need to deal with configuration of not only the interface devices (ifup/ifdown), but also the restart of dependent network services to ensure that they are all updated with configuration changes (that's the whole purpose of init.d, upstart and systemd - to control the management and boot order of services and network dependencies, including the restarting of them).

I understand that Ubuntu is moving to systemd in future releases, but that isn't available in any of their current "LTS" releases and enterprise environments cannot move major infrastructure to another OS release that only has a 9 month support window. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is going to be the major OS release used in enterprise environments till April 2019 - networking can't be left unsupported in both init.d and upstart until 16.04 comes out. With 10.04 LTS EOL shortly, this needs to be addressed rather than forcing enterprise institutions to update only to 12.04 LTS which expires in 2 years.

Please escalate this issue.